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This page is about "Magic" the magic of Love and human interaction.
Magic is anything that's special to you, it makes you smile, cry, or cause deep thought.
It makes you believe in things the eye cannot see, but the heart can feel.
I believe in the power of Love...Compassion....I believe in Artful
expression...Open communication...I believe in Forever.


The wind whispers on a cold winters night
Gentle snow falling, the moon shining bright
The roads are empty, with a chill in the air
No lovers walking, wish we were there

The stars above seem oh so near
They light up the sky, wish you were here
The moon so full, seems to add to the sight
Gazing from my window, all alone tonight

A heart so full, with so much to give
Love so strong, with no where to live
For a heart is a home, the place where love grows
This heart lives alone, why? No one knows

written by



Stay with me through the night
Be one with me till dawn
Hold me in your warm embrace
This moment is oh so right
Share with me all that is you
I give freely all that I am
Wanting this to last forever
Knowing today is all that is true
Walk with me under the full moonlight
Feel the magic now in the air
Reach out and take my hand

    show me now how much you care
Bring to life my dreams of desire
Incomplete though I  may be
Bestow upon me the gift of true love
Make me whole, for the world to see

written by



In Time, it could've been so much fun
and time is precious I know
In time we could have shared so much
In love theres more room to grow

In time we could have learned to love
and loving is only the start
In time we could have learned to share
emotions straight from the heart

In time our lives could have been so sweet
we could have become one mind
In time our paths should have been so straight
Knowing love can be so blind

In time the music would have played for us
with rythm slow and free
In time we could have created so much
Simply adding you to me

written by


Do You Know Love

Do you know love when you see it ?
Can you recognize the pain ?
Are you a willing victim ?
Knowing what you have to gain

Are you sure when love is given ?
Can you give it in return ?
Are you selfless or just passion driven
with mere energy to burn

Have you made someone happy
without thinking of yourself ?
Put others needs ahead of your own
stored  your heartaches on the shelf?

Take the time to learn real love
Give it often, Give it true
Share the gift that God has given
and he'll send it back to you.

written by



Each day we create them, willing or not
some are cold and distant
some are passionate and hot
some are filled with heartache
But most of the are not

We create them each and every day
You know that this is so
They help us in many ways
allowing us to grow

We're supposed to gain from experience
and not repeat mistakes
Thats where memory comes in
Reminds us to put on brakes !

Somehow though, we forget
and allow ourselves to fall
Head over heels, time and again
Because we choose not to recall

Or maybe we just like taking chances
hoping we'll find the" right one"
Thinking, "maybe this time"
our search for love will be done

written by


No Light

No Lights shine in this place tonight
No stars hang in the sky
No lovers walk along the street
I know not the reason why

No rainbows loom across the sea
No birds sing in the trees
No flowers blooming in the sun
No honey from the bees

No song is heard in the heart
No whispers, promises, or tears
No one shares love tonight
Its added to our fears

No passion heating the soul
No compromise taken or given
No excitement fills the air tonight
No emotion here is driven

No phones ring in the night
No one misses anyone
No words of sweet expression
No arms to hold them tight

No, no lights shine in this place tonight
No heart to sing a song
No sounds of harmony fill this room
For romance has gone wrong......

written by



Special thanks to "Poorboy", Chris, and Elsadiq......your help and
friendship have brought me a long way...your an inspiration.


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